Travel Newborn Photography 3.14.20

Travel Newborn Photography  3.14.20
travel newborn photography

Travel Newborn Photography can sometimes be a hassle and then sometimes be 100% easy. I say this cause you need to triple check that you have everything you need for the shoot. Granted everything you will bring probably will not get used and maybe it will. However, when it comes to travel newborn shoots we keep in mind we will most likely get very little photos we expect and work with what we have.

It was such an honor capturing Mrs. C’s little bundle of joy! We captured her maternity photos prior to her little joy being born.

Mr. & Mrs. C’s new addition was such a cute little boy even if he gave us such grouchy faces. We travel to this client’s house! Yes, we do travel and yes, we will work for three to four hours taking photos. Yes, you read that right three to four hours it takes for a newborn shoot. We work with babies and have extreme patience. We went in knowing we weren’t going to get every photo we wanted in the books so we worked with little mister C!

Here are some of our favorites from the shoot

Mrs. C wanted to use her elegant wedding dress with her little bundle of joy! I crochet her a tuxedo outfit she requested. I know we do not see many little boys posing with their mother’s wedding dress and honestly? I wished many more mothers or even photographers would bring up the wedding dress with any gender! Honestly wished we would have gotten more photos of little mister C with the dress, however, he was cold and wanted to be wrapped up. If we could go back we would probably have made sure to have a wrap black and white like a tux to make him more comparable. Though hey! We captured an amazing picture and that’s all that really matters.

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