Edible Paint Toddler Learning Activity Homeschool

Edible Paint Toddler Learning Activity Homeschool

Edible Paint Toddler Learning Activity

Edible Paint Homeschooling Toddler Activity

Edible paint. This sounds fun, right? This week learning activity that’s hands on deep down let’s get messy is edible paint for toddlers. There are a ton of edible paint recipes online. How to narrow one down? Just learn thru trial and error. See what happens. We decided to try out this recipe from here. We cut down on the recipe since we barely had any corn starch.

What you’ll need

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Corn Scratch
  • 8×8 Canvas I got mine here or you can use regular paper too
  • Food coloring we used this kind

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Now we did not taste test this to see how it taste. I cannot answer this. We are on keto diet sugar and corn scratch count us out from trying it. Sounds a bit terrible doesn’t it? Giving our toddler some editable paint and we as the parents are unsure what it tastes like. Sounds legit. Good news is there are a lot of reviews that vouch for this recipe. How did my 14 month old son enjoy the edible paint?

He loved it. I had to first show him to put his hands in the container and onto the canvas. Once I did that he was all over it. Slapping the canvas with the edible paint and even eating it. He gave no weird looks or protesting against the edible paint. This edible paint recipe will be used over again in future projects until he learns not to eat the paint.

Here is the finished results! We have some leftover paint so I’m pretty sure soon again this week he will be painting and having a lot of fun. I highly recommend this activity for toddlers! It’s a great learning experiences! Would I recommend this activity for a baby under 12 months? Not really unless you want to introduce sugar or have intro foods to them.


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