Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

This month’s product from STEM Club is Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game. My oldest son became very interested since the toy has the word “marble” in it.  This product is 29.00 on Amazon if you are highly interested in buying this for your children click here. I highly recommend though checking out Amazon STEM Club. Information about this program is at the bottom of the page.

What is the Gravity Maze Run Logic Game?

It puts your reasoning skills and visual perception to the test. The towers can be arranged widely for visually stimulating structures but, for each challenge, you’ll have to think carefully how to build your both to get to the marble Target Tower.

What does the Gravity Maze Include?

  • Game grid
  • 3 Marbles
  • 9 Building Towers with the colors green, blue, purple and yellow
  • 60 Challenge Cards ranging from beginner to expert with solutions on the back
  • Instructions

Take this card for example the blue is where you start to build your first tower and the red is where the marble should go too. At the bottom of the card it tells you that you can use two green towers and one purple tower.


On the back of the card if the child does not understand how to solve the puzzle they can flip the card over to see the solution for the maze.


Here my oldest son solved the puzzle all on his own. We tell him to learn by dropping the marble to see where it goes. He learns very quickly and we don’t really encourage him to look at the back of the card.


Does my oldest like this game?

He enjoys it. He enjoys the beginner level and even try out Intermediate level, though not an expert level. He’s played 10 cards so far and has yet to stop saying he’s bored.

My honest thoughts on this game?

It’s pretty cool game. It encourages the child to use their logic thinking skills. He has almost accomplished all the beginner levels and has taken on two intermediate. This activity can be used again and again until he achieves expert level. Even though it’s one player game my son doesn’t complain, which normally he does since he wants someone to play the games with him. He loves when he can solve the puzzle to getting the marble to its point. My son knows this is a homeschool activity and keeps going at it without complain he’s bored, which in my opinion? This is an awesome accomplishment. I highly recommend buying this game for children 8 years old and up. I would almost say maybe introduce this game to 7 years old that maybe pushing it.


What is STEM?

Since we homeschool we decided to join Amazon’s STEM Club. Now if you don’t know what a STEM is it’s a program that delivers handpicked Technology, Math, Engineering and Science at your door with an amazing price. STEM Club offers 3-4 years old, 5-7-year olds and 8-13-year olds. You can also choose from three options on how to get these products. For just 19.99 you can get the box every month, every 2 months or every 3 months. We go with every month since we homeschool.  And once our youngest is 2 or 3 we will also will try it out monthly for him.

Don’t want to join STEM Club? But curious what Amazon STEM toys?

If you would like to see other stem toys instead of the program, please click here to check out all the STEM toys Amazon has to offer. They even have a category for 2-4-year olds and 14 years old and up. I highly recommend looking into this for learning if you do  not want to subscribe to STEM Club.



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