Mega Fossil Dig Kit STEM Club

Mega Fossil Dig Kit STEM Club

This month Stem Club activity is Mega Fossil Dig Kit here! My oldest was very excited to start this activity ASAP! He loves stones, fossils ya name it. He loves it. The product itself is 29.99 though if you join Amazon Stem club you get this at a better discount. Check out Amazon Stem club here.

What is the Mega Fossil Kit?

Uncover Ancient Fossils With National Geographic

A Hands-On Science Adventure

Learn paleontology while digging up genuine fossils with this exciting science kit.

Explore 15 Different Fossils
  • Ammonite
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Sting Ray
  • Crow Shark
  • Mosasaur Tooth
  • Orthoceras
  • Bi-Valves
  • Clams
  • Coral
  • Gastropods
  • Coprolite
  • And More!

Read about each of these fossils in the included learning guide!

What does this kit include?

  • 15 real fossils
  • 1 excavation tool and brush
  • 1 magnifying glass
  • 1 learning guide

Warning while this kit is fun and a great learning activity please use newspapers while digging for fossil because this can get very messy!

STEM Club Homeschooling Learning Activity Mega Fossil Dig

Here is what my son and husband dug up together.

Does my oldest son like this activity?

Absolutely! He enjoyed learning for the fossils and collecting them.

My thoughts on this activity?

While this is a great hands-on learning activity I highly recommend doing this somewhere where you’re okay with the surface getting dirty because it gets really messy really quickly. It’s also a bit tiring to slowly dig for the fossils. Towards the end, my husband started to break the pieces up towards the end to make the process faster. This is a really successful hit and I highly recommend getting this! Even if you do not homeschool this is the perfect science project for kids. Because what kid doesn’t like to make messes and dig up some really cool fossil?

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What is STEM?

Since we homeschool we decided to join Amazon’s STEM Club. Now if you don’t know what a STEM is it’s a program that delivers handpicked Technology, Math, Engineering and Science at your door with an amazing price. STEM Club offers 3-4 years old, 5-7-year olds and 8-13-year olds. You can also choose from three options on how to get these products. For just 19.99 you can get the box every month, every 2 months or every 3 months. We go with every month since we homeschool.  And once our youngest is 2 or 3 we will also try it out monthly for him.

Don’t want to join STEM Club? But curious what Amazon STEM toys?

If you would like to see other stem toys instead of the program, please click here to check out all the STEM toys Amazon has to offer. They even have a category for 2-4-year olds and 14 years old and up. I highly recommend looking into this for learning if you do not want to subscribe to STEM Club.

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