Simple Earth Day Cupcakes Food Activity 2018

Simple Earth Day Cupcakes Food Activity 2018

Simple Earth Day Cupcakes Food Activity 2018

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?! I was looking for one activity hands on and decided food for Earth Day. My oldest son is going to be 9 and I figured we should start introducing him to help cook/bake. I saw a cute cupcake idea for Earth Day though didn’t want to get all technical on making cupcakes. And yes, I did buy box cake and store bought whipped frosting. If you’re looking for a homemade cupcake recipe it’s not here sorry. I didn’t want to screw up these cupcakes or have them tasting blah gross. If you do know a moist and yummy cupcake recipe  please feel free to message it to me. Since we are on keto diet I can’t really have cupcake tasting till I find the perfect recipe. So, box it is, and the kids loved it! That’s all that matters. This is such a simple and easy task.


  • Super moist white cake mix we used this box here
  • White whipped frosting here (this is butter cream though the also make white it’s just an example)
  • Cupcake liners here
  • Mixing Bowl
  • 2 Cupcake pan (one of our pans is a brownie pan)
  • Food coloring green and blue


Follow the directions on your box! Add food coloring and mix until it’s the perfect blue you want. My son loves light blue, so we stayed with this color. Yes, the kitchen is going to get messy when my oldest is helping and that’s 100% okay. It’s all about learning. You can use a spoon or ice cream scooper to scoop the mixture into the cupcake liner. We used a soup spoon. While the cupcakes cook make sure to add a lot of green into the whipped frosting.

And of course, allow your child to eat some of that yummy cake batter mix. He only ate the spoon and decided he didn’t want any more afterwards.

We made 24 cupcakes! The ones in the back are blue though due to lighting they look a bit green and that’s okay. It only took 14 minutes to cook and of course allow them to cool.

Here is a closer look at the cupcakes! I probably should have added more green food coloring into the frosting though I didn’t want to overpower it with the taste of food coloring. I also left some cupcakes without frosting since my oldest requested no frosting for him.

The result? Both my children loved the Earth Day cupcakes! This is a perfect learning activity for children 3 years (unless they love to cook younger) and up. And of course it is suitable for any ages to eat. This activity can be used for more than just Earth Day. Get creative with your cupcakes and change them to any color.

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