Improve Product Photography For Etsy Shop

Being an Etsy seller, I have noticed not only are your SEO’s are very important, however, your products photography play a major role in compelling buyers to buy your product. I knew that my product pictures came out decent, however, personally I knew and felt I could improve product photography. I knew I needed a studio photo studio. Searching for a year I never really found one appealing for me. It was not until this month when I stumbled upon the most amazing photo studio product ever.

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

I knew I needed one though hated how small most of these boxes are. I understood reasoning for why majority of Photo Studios are small due to majority sellers have small products. My products range from extra small to extra-large. Never did I find one. Therefore, I resumed to pulling out my big photography equipment. From lights, stand and large backdrop, while fighting against lighting in my room. You would have never guessed the amount of trouble I was given or even dread taking a photo. Picture this having an underage 1 year old running around and trying to take photos. Not fun nor ideal. Therefore, I would put off taking photos of my products. They would sit there sometimes at weeks on end until I decided it was time to drag all this equipment out. I was very thrilled to see this amazing product by Amazon.

Example Before Using Portable Photo Studio

Some of these photos look great. For me? They are okay not professional for me. Not to mention picture two had so much weirdness going on with it.

Examples After Using Portable Photo Studio

Dread-free, easy to use and personally I feel it has improved my product photography. It feels very professional and even family and friends have commented about it looking professional.

What Products I Use

Improve Product Photography For Etsy Shop

Using the Ella Bella Backdrops are highly recommended. The backdrops are paper and can be cut to your liking. Plus, you always have more backups. At first back in December I was disappointed that I bought 4 wooden backdrops that are paper, but that has changed. I plan on buying more Ella Bella Backdrops in the future.

  • 29 moulding base at your local hardware store.
  • Lightroom for lightly editing
  • Photoshop for watermarking
  • Get creative with your settings to make your product stand out and be appealing




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