Nebula Galaxy Craft May The Fourth Be With You Galaxy Jar And Bottle


Nebula Galaxy Jars DIY Easy Kid Craft

In honor of Star Wars day, we have decided to make Nebula Galaxy Craft jar and bottle! I am not a huge insanely Star Wars fan though my son does enjoy watching Star Wars and I figured why not make this an awesome homeschooling craft for him. I wanted to make this craft easy, simple and yet all fun together. Did my eight-year-old enjoy this craft? Yes, even though he wanted to create a black hole. My 1-year-old son didn’t really care too much about the process of making his bottle nebula jar, however, he enjoys shaking it and then loses interest. This will also be a cool craft to do for any Star Wars (or space theme) Birthday party! It’s so simple and easy. Now let’s get down to the materials, shall we?


First, before we even began this project we looked up nebula or galaxy photos as a reference to get our little nebula galaxy craft in my oldest and youngest jars and bottle! My son wanted to use black, gold and bright blue with blue glitter. For my youngest, we did just blue with white glitter. My jar was just purple and pink with gold, blue and white glitter.

I have added in italic what I feel should be done though if you want to achieve what we have done then continue reading.

  1. Add 3/4 of water to your bottle or jarNebula Galaxy Jars Easy DIY Kids Craft

  2. Add few drops of acrylic paint into the water, close the lid and shake your bottle or jar. I would not recommend using a lot of drops or it would be hard to see. This is where we messed up 3 times. Nebula Galaxy Jars Easy DIY Kids Craft
  3. Now to add your stars add some glitter! We added several types of glitter.Nebula Galaxy Jars Easy DIY Kids Craft

  4.  Stretch out the cotton balls, fill the bottom with them and you may need to use a knife to get them to stick down to the bottom.Nebula Galaxy Jars Easy DIY Kids Craft Nebula Galaxy Jars Easy DIY Kids CraftWe used a chopstick to stick the cotton down.

  5. Add 1/4 of water to your bottle or jar.
  6. Add a drop of same acrylic paint into the water, close the lid and shake your bottle or jar. This is optional.  
  7. Add more glitter again.
  8. Stretch out the cotton balls, fill the bottom with them and again you may need to use a knife to get them to the bottom.

  9. Fill the rest of your bottom or jar with water.
  10. Add different acrylic paint. If you are using the same color don’t add any more paint. Or it may be hard to see like ours. 
  11. Add glitter.
  12. Add more stretched out cotton. This part is optional. 

Nebula Galaxy Jars Easy DIY Kids Craft

Tada all done! Wasn’t that very simple and easy? Glitter is floating everywhere. While it is hard to see the other colors (I notice they float randomly in odd places or to the bottom) it’s really nice to randomly shake the jar to get the glitter everywhere. This is seriously a great activity and so easy. If you are nervous about using glass mason jars then just use a water bottle! Get very creative with your nebula jars or bottles!

I’m pretty sure in the near future we will retry these nebula jars again with less acrylic paint. Oh well, like Ms. Frizzly always says

Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!

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