Dry Flowers What To Do With DIY Crafts

Dry Flowers What To Do With  DIY Crafts

Drying Flowers Out Project Dead Flowers Decor

Are you wondering what you could do with flowers given to you? Do you find them angelic and wished you didn’t have to toss them in the trash? What if I told you that drying them out is the best idea yet! You’re probably thinking “What would or where would I put these dry flowers?” Well, here I will give some examples of what you can do with dry out flowers.

Drying Flowers Out Photography DIY Craft Project

As a teenager, I used to always dry out any roses given to me. I had a huge drawer of just dead roses. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Though I always found them beautiful. Sadly, during some year, I decided to toss all roses given to me at 21. Not to mention my husband has been buying flowers a lot lately. I wished I would have saved Valentine’s day and our anniversary flowers. Oh well, that now gives me a project to start! Because I’m pretty sure I didn’t dry those roses out correctly when I look at the photo I have of the roses from back then.

This picture was taken in 2007.


Before I jump into this project I have decided to photograph the flowers. They are beautiful and the world should appreciate their beauty. I took these photos in manual using AF zoom with macro 10x lens. The type of lens I used can be found here. These photos are taken in this photo studio using this backdrop.

Drying out flowers photography diy project crafts Drying out flowers photography diy project crafts

Here are my two favorite photos of the flowers my husband bought me. Sadly, when I finally came around to taking these photos the flowers were kind of dying. Though they are still beautiful.

Dry Flowers Out Photography Project DIY Craft Dry Flowers Out Photography Project DIY Craft

So what’s the best way to dry out flowers? Hanging them upside down or the microwave. Would I recommend the microwave? No, and yes I know you can use the oven too, but there’s always that thought of What if I set these beauties on fire? Oh no I killed them for real now. I went with the regular hang them up and dry them. If you are curious on how to microwave your flowers head on over here.

Materials I used for air drying

  • Thread
  • Hanger
  • Some place to hang the flowers

I had to cut my flowers stem a bit more since these flowers are long stems. I used regular thread and tied it twice around the stem before tying it to the hanger. Remember you want the flowers to hang upside down. Hang your flowers in a place where it’s dark and dry. Drying process takes anywhere between two to three weeks. Once they are fully dry use unscented hairspray for protection. I would use this last method depending on what project you are trying to do. Now since I have to wait 2-3 weeks I have to debate what do I want to do with my dry flowers? There are so many lovely ideas! Let me share some of these awesome ideas with you.

Other methods?

While I do advise air drying your flowers you can also do the press flowers method that can be found here. I try this method once and didn’t seem to like it. This method is great if you plan on making candles or soap. If you are doing this method there are a lot of projects such as jewelry, phone cases, coasters and so much more.

Dry Flowers Ideas

Jar With Cork

Credit is given to this Pinterest user.

Jar similar can be bought here.

Shadow Box

Credits are given to this user.

Shadowbox similar can be found here or here.

Mason Jar

From this website.

Can be bought here.

Now if you’re feeling very crafty


That can be found here.

This can be found here.


What do I plan on doing?

I plan on making the jar with cork and having some flowers put in a vase. While I dislike the idea of pressing the flowers I may do this to make jewelry or some type of decor. I plan on pressuring a few flowers that my husband and son picked out this week. Though it won’t be until next week when I press them and wait another 2-3 weeks. Here are a two of my favorite photos from the flowers they picked out for me

Dry flowers DIY project Dry flowers DIY project


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