The Tempest Beanie Crochet Pattern Review

The Tempest Beanie Crochet Pattern Review

The Tempest Beanie Crochet Pattern Review

Hello, crocheters! It’s been a while! I have been a bit busy focusing on self-health and now I am ready to dip my toes back into the water with blogging! I am coming back full force with a new category to the website crochet pattern reviews! I figured hmm sometimes I get a bit frustrated with other peoples patterns and maybe it would be brilliant idea leaving reviews. Don’t get me wrong I love creating my crochet patterns, however,  other crocheters have amazing patterns too. So today’s pattern you ask?

It’s The Tempest Beanie by Above The Clouds Crochet.

This pattern is free.

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The Tempest Beanie Crochet Pattern Review

The pattern calls for Aran yarn, 5.5 mm and 6.0 mm crochet hook. Well, I can safely say I did not use the yarn called for this pattern. Instead, I used red heart super saver grape fizz and mirage. I also did not use both crochet hooks that was called for in the pattern. I only used the 5.5mm hook.

The Tempest Beanie Crochet Pattern Review

My first attempt was using the grape fizz color. I did somewhat modify the pattern. When it came to round 9 I did not crochet in the fourth loop. I crocheted in the third loop only. I only did this since I was on autopilot and was a bit too lazy to understand the fourth loop since this was my time first hearing about crocheting into the fourth loop. I will crochet in the fourth loop one day. Just that day was not my day. I also did this with the mirage color. If you are determined to crochet in the fourth loop there is a video on youtube that can help you out. With the mirage hat, this hat became a bit more slouchy compare to the first hat. The reason is probably due to the fact I put this hat down and picked up a few days later. Whoops. Probably also miscounted a crochet round though all is good cause hey slouchy is amazing.

The Tempest Beanie Crochet Pattern Review

So my overall thought? This pattern is pretty awesome.

The Tempest Beanie Difficulty: Easy/Medium

The Tempest Beanie Beginner easy: Yes and no. If you don’t know how to FHDC, 3rd loop crochet, 4th loop, FPDC or BPDC I would say practice that before doing this project.

The Tempest Beanie Rating: A+ even though the whole fourth loop threw me off and that’s nobody fault expect me being lazy.

The Tempest Beanie Pom-Pom: A total must! I think the hat would look a bit depressing and sad, but hey! It is whatever you want to do.

The Tempest Beanie how many days can you finish it? Roughly in two hours or within a day due to certain terminology.


The pattern can be found here.



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