Apricot Baby Bonnet Crochet Review Pattern

Apricot Baby Bonnet Crochet Review Pattern
Apricot Baby Bonnet Crochet Review Pattern

Apricot baby bonnet is an adorable pattern. This pattern is super easy to follow and somewhat beginner-friendly. This bonnet is perfect for of course babies. I finished this pattern within 30 minutes. This pattern comes in sizes newborn and 6 months old.

Apricot Baby Bonnet by Katherine Heise

This is a free pattern.

Apricot Baby Bonnet Crochet Review Pattern


  • 3.5mm hook
  • Lion Brand Proud of Love Creamsicle and Antique White
  • Crochet Needle
  • Scissors3.5mm hook
Apricot Baby Bonnet Crochet Review Pattern

My overall thought of this pattern? While I loved following this pattern while doing this pattern it wasn’t what I was looking for, however, I decided to give this bonnet a chance. Don’t get me wrong the pattern is amazingly written. It’s just not the type of bonnet I am seeking for my pictures or so I told myself as I was still giving this bonnet a shot. So I decided to wait before posting this review until I had pictures of my daughter in the bonnet. That’s when everything changed of course. Look at the photos I got!

Does the bonnet fit easily for newborns? Yes! While the bonnet is a bit loose and a bit big for my daughter’s head when you tie it, it stays, however, I have a very curious wiggle worm daughter who was one month when taking these photos. So if you have a wiggle worm little babe I advise hurry up with photos or you will be tying the bonnet a few times for the ‘perfect’ photo.

Apricot Baby Bonnet Crochet Review Pattern

Apricot Baby Bonnet Beginner Easy? Super easy! If you are looking for a bonnet that isn’t complex this is the pattern to definitely follow.

Apricot Baby Bonnet Rating? I was going to say B, however, I am so glad that I decided to give this bonnet a try and wait until baby girl was born. I say A+!!! See I was close to rating something, not an A+ though it won my heart.

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