Pickle Rick Crochet Pattern Plushie

Pickle Rick Crochet Pattern Plushie
pickle rick crochet pattern

Pickle Rick Crochet Pattern is a very easy and simple pattern to follow. I created this pattern for my husband and my first born father, who enjoy watching Rick and Morty. So I figured why not make pickle rick? The pickle rick crochet pattern works in spirals instead of sl st to first sc made. So make sure you have a stitch marker to keep track of your first stitch from the previous row. There is a felt attachment download, however, the tongue and teeth are done by eyeing it by hand.

Sadly, there is no ad free pattern for this.

Materials Needed

  • 3.75 mm hook
  • Red heart green yarn
  • Crochet needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Scissors
  • White, black, and red felt
  • White, black, and red string
  • Regular needle
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • For eyes and mouth download here.


  • MC: Magic circle
  • SC: Single crochet
  • Inc: Increase
  • Dec: Decrease
  • Puff Stitch: Yarn over and insert your hook into the specified stitch/space.  Yarn over again and pull up a long loop.  (Yarn over and insert your hook into the same stitch/space.  Yarn over again and pull up a long loop) three more times.  Yarn over and pull through all 9 loops on your hook.  Ch 1 to close the Puff Stitch.
  • F/O: Fasten off


This pattern is worked in spirals and the puff stitches are wherever you want to place on the pickle rick. The tongue and teeth felt are cut out by hand by eyeing the pattern. Sorry I couldn’t provide an outline for these two.

Gauge: 4 stitches 4 rows= 1 inches

Finished Size: 12″ in height 13″ in width

pickle rick crochet pattern

Pickle Rick Pattern

Round 1: MC 6 sc (6)
Round 2: inc around (12)
Round 3: [sc in the next sc, inc] around (18)
Round 4: [sc in the next 2 sc, inc] around (24)
Round 5: [sc in the next 3 sc, inc] around (30)
Round 6: [sc in the next 4 sc, inc] around (36)

Round 7: [sc in the next 5 sc, inc] (42)
I randomly start creating puff stitches from here on out
Round 8-41: sc around (42)
I stop making random puff stitches from here
Round 42: [sc in the next 5 sc, dec] around (36)
Round 43: [sc in the next 4 sc, dec] around (30)

Round 44: [sc in the next 3 sc, dec] around (24)
Start stuffing
Round 45: [sc in the next 2 sc, dec] around (18)
Round 46: [sc in the next sc, dec] around (12)
Round 47: dec around (6)

pickle rick crochet pattern


  • Sew rick eyebrows in the center.
  • Sew the black eyes onto the whites of ricks eyes.
  • Sew the eyes by skipping 1 row below the eyebrows.
  • Sew the mouth together.
  • Apply the mouth 1/2 rows away from the eyes.

There you have it

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