Welcome, welcome! So you’re here to find out a little ole me, aye? Well, hello then! I am Cassandra the photographer and crafter/designer. Well, I can tell you this first I am full-time mom (2009) and wife (2016). I homeschool my oldest son (Skyler) and chase after my youngest son (Xander). I graduated with my AA in Education. I try to get my Bachelors though somethings things just don’t work out the way we plan it and you know what? That’s okay.

The Photographer in me

I have been into photography since 2004. I am self-taught photographer and learn everyday when shooting. My favorite type of photography is nature. I love taking peoples pictures, however, I dislike the idea of “1 2 3 cheese” and people don’t look truly happy. I love the in the moment not paying attention to the photographer pictures. Maybe I should become a full-time wedding photographer? Eh who knows. I take my photography day by day. I do edit my photos. I even love editing photo manipulation because then my photos tell a story.


The Crafter/Designer in me

There is a lot of crafts that I do it ranges from crocheting , embroidery, painting  and whatever the Cricut can offer. I love focusing on my strengths when it comes to being imaginative.  I have been crocheting since 2011 and I am 100% self-taught. It wasn’t until 2013 that I focused more on it due to losing my grandmother. When it comes to painting, embroidery and the Cricut I love using my Photoshop and/or Illustrator. I tend to work out my ideas in one of these programs then make it come alive. I have been in the graphic design world since 2004 and yep  you got it! I am self-taught in that too.  I love designing/crafting people anything that I can do. I tend to give people updates about their product and allow them to have a say if they like it or not. I love people who can give 100% feedback on my work.


Creative Casso story

In 2015, while I was sitting in class and should have been paying attention to my speech professor. I was debating on a name that would fit perfectly for my photography/crafting business. I already knew I wanted my first fur baby Picasso aka Casso to be in the title. I thought of every word that could go with these two. It wasn’t until creative that I realized how much I loved the word. At first I wanted imaginative or artistic, however, these two words didn’t fit as creative did. I try to launch my creative business a lot from 2016 to 2017. It just wasn’t meant to be until the end of November of 2017 when things became possible. Yet I didn’t want to launch at the end of 2017. Christmas time and I didn’t want to feel rushed. I gave myself a promise that January 1st 2018 will be my year to release everything I got onto the world. Yes, I opened my Etsy shop early for decals only and getting people just a little curious. My photography business I don’t really stress too much about it. It will happen slowly. Because slow and steady wins the race. We all have to start somewhere don’t we? And in the end that’s how my business finally came to be.




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