Skull Candle Halloween Crochet Pattern

Looking for a very simple yet cute Halloween plushie or even decor? Look no further for this is very simple and cute skull candle crochet pattern made for Halloween. The skull cannot stand up by itself so it needs to lean on something. I wanted to create a very simple and cute skull, which was a bit of a challenge at first, however, I got thru it and have created it. This is very easy

Candy Corn Witch Halloween Free Crochet Pattern

Halloween is around the corner. My family is big on Halloween so I decided to create a few Halloween patterns that will be coming up within the next few weeks. This week is the candy corn witch. This pattern is super easy even for beginners. You can add whatever face you want or like. You can crochet the eyes or embroidery with yarn. I decided that felt makes the face look very nice and cute looking.

Baby Pumpkin Beanie Crochet Pattern

Baby pumpkin beanie crochet pattern comes in two sizes 0-6 months to 6-12 months old. The pattern is super easy to follow. It is somewhat easy with the patience required. I only say this due to the fact when creating the beanie you are not working in rounds though at first rows and joining by slip stitching the edges together. For all other Halloween, patterns check out here. There is no ad-free pattern. Materials 5mm

Voodoo Doll Crochet Pattern

This voodoo doll was a request order to make, which I gladly accepted the challenge. This doll took me one to two weeks to create and I love the results as does the customer! I wanted the voodoo doll to actually have the stitch work instead of just adding it to the finished project. This doll is in a lot of pieces and since that is the case I have decided to write the assembly

Zombie Cat Plushie Crochet Pattern

  Here it is! The Zombie Cat Plushie Crochet Pattern! I wanted to create a flat crochet plushie and decided to create a zombie cat. And yes, I know it’s nowhere near Halloween. Also not one hundred percent sure if there is an actual zombie cat pattern out there though hey here’s another one world! This pattern took a week like all my patterns do. The amount of times I unraveled is too many times